Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Work At eHow As Jacob Workman

In the last part of 2009, I became a regular contributor to the website eHow under the pseudonym Jacob Workman. For some odd reason, they won't accept my nickname of P.R.E.Z. which is the name I've used for years. I include these articles because I actually get paid to write them

I have done many more articles than even I realized (at the writing of this, about 40) until I did a search at the site so I'm only going to put links to a couple of them. You can always go to the website and do a search under the name Jacob Workman.

Much of what I've done their has to do with music because of my other endeavor as a music producer and composer. However, I do other subjects that tickle my fancy there when the appropriate topic arises. Here are links to five of those articles.

How to Send WAV Files to Sound Module

About Sound Modules

How to Hook Up a Mixer to an External Sound Card

What Is a Ethernet Controller?

How to Choose the Right Size Studio Monitor  


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