Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Toledo Free Press Articles

I must confess that this past summer I went through a rather difficult period and needed to get psychiatric evaluation. I know that this is something that's rather strange to admit on a site that's supposed to showcase my writing but it all ties in so bear with me.

You see, this past summer, I ran for city council. As an independent. In an almost all democrat city.

Now you see the picture?

Throughout that period of low sanity in my life, I got the opportunity to write a few choice guest columns for the Toledo Free Press, the only
real newspaper in the city in my estimation and many others. Actually, my opinion was coveted greatly. So, I gave it.

These are just two of the pieces I had written. You can click on the picture of the article to blow it up and read it. In addition, I have some articles at TFP that only made it to their online version during that time. One of them speaks of the danger of familiarity when voting. You can view that article by clicking below:

The Dangers Of Familiarity

This article came out right before the primary. No, I didn't win but I'm convinced I wouldn't be as effective of a voice as I am now without that shackle around my neck. I will more than likely do more articles for the TFP and I'll be sure to post them here when I do.


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