Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Dance Report

This was a fun article to write. It was basically an info article breaking down the different genres of dance music to the Christian music industry.

I was a radio DJ at a Christian radio station for about seven years. The radio program I had, Zero Gravity, showcased some of the best Christian hip hop and dance music, the music that particular market wasn't too keen on. They're pretty much behind the times when it comes to that. Still are to this day. It's one of the reasons why I felt it was time to go after such a long stretch.

The guy in the picture right there is Scott Blackwell. Used to be real popular back in the day in some clubs in New York. Know him personally. He started a couple of music companies. One was MYX Records and the other was N-Soul. The whole story behind how the new owner, Phillip Kim, acquired N-Soul is....not good. Maybe one day I'll do a full fledged article about that at my other blog Stop The Musick which is still under construction so no sneak peaks for anyone as of yet.

I remember when I wrote the article, the editor was very vague on what he wanted in it. Since you had most of the kids in the CCM market listening to either rock, wannabe-but-not-quite-pop, and adult contemporary because that's what they're parents were listening to, I decided to do a straightforward article that would be a very basic introduction to dance music. When he got the article, I remember him saying, " wasn't exactly what I was looking for." He thought all the kids knew the genres but I had to convince him that that simply wasn't the case. After I sold him on that idea, he decided to print it and voila, feature story.


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