Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Risks Of Departure - Part 1

This short story is part one of an eight page piece I did with artist Paul Tucker for the 2004 anthology Ellium : Hybrid. I loved the mood that his art conveyed for this and it seemed to be a favorite of people who picked up the book.

We were given freedom to write stories based in the Ellium world. Elluim is a wordlwide organization that guides global affairs through various covert means. There are a couple factions within the organization and they are at odds with one another.

After being given the background information on this, I decided to write a story where one of the agents of Ellium, a top operative named Silas Corbin, wanted to leave. But Ellium is not one of those organizations that you just leave. It's like being in a gang. Once you are in, you in for life.

I'm posting this in two parts because eight pages just seems like a lot to click through.

Click on the pages. Float your cursor over the bottom right hand corner and you'll get an icon that you can click on to get a full view. God bless and enjoy.


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