Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Profile - Knowdaverbs

As I seek to expand my horizons this year by forming my own freelance copywriting business, I find myself going through all those articles, reviews, and stories I've written over the years. All this does is reinforce a few things for me:

  1. I'm getting older.
  2. I write an awful lot meaning this is something I probably should have pursued quite a while back.
  3. I'm older this year.
  4. I'm finding more joy in reading and writing than in watching television.
  5. Did I mention I was getting older?
  6. This will take discipline and organization, something us writers are known not to be particularly good at. I'm blessed to be an exception to that rule.
This next diddy is an article I did with a rap artist that calls himself Knowdaverbs which changed to Verbs few years later and where it stands at the moment. I've met him personally and he's a real likable dude. I so like interviews.

So as I continue to build this online portfolio of my past work, I'm reminded that...well..man... I'm getting older.

Click on the article. Float your cursor over the bottom right hand corner and you'll get an icon that you can click on to get a full view. God bless and enjoy.


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