Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wizard World Chicago 2005

Yes. I'm taking the trip to Chicago so I can network with all the comic heads out there. Who am I kidding? I want a job man!

Conventions are one of the places that as a writer, you have to work just so because on the whole, conventions are not a real good place to show anything unless it's finished work. So, you guessed it, I'm taking about three finished 8-10 page samples with me (well two at least. The other is just art).

So, what does that look like you ask? I'll give you a sample. These are two pages from two projects I'm working on. One is Justice Directive, a story about a billionaire who forms a covert organization to prey on organized crime who take advantage of the American justice system only to discover that he’s fighting against those working for the justice system he’s trying to save.

The other is Twelve, a story is about twelve people gifted by God to be his instruments of judgment on the United States in order to save the country later during World War III. I'm very interested in doing this one because it's a story that talks about so much . Each will be pitched as a graphic novel primarily but could be a mini-series also. It's still in the process of being finished so no letters on this one. We've been pushing to get this completed but it won't be fully by the time we get there. However, if I can sell them on the art and a verbal pitch, it just may be enough.

Well...I have quite a few things to do with packing and other stuff. I'll let you know how it went when I get back.


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