Friday, December 30, 2011

Why I Sleep With My Kindle Fire

The latest figures are in and Amazon sold four million Kindles in the month of December of which the Kindle Fire was the bestselling. I was one of those blessed individuals which received one for a Christmas present. Now, my wife is having second thoughts about having bought it for me. I can't seem to put the thing down and it has become the new occupant in our bed at night.

One of the reasons has to do with a little app called MySword. This app is free and has a full complement of standard commentaries, Bible dictionaries, Bible versions, and other helpful study material. It had to be side loaded but that was easy enough just by going to the website. This allows me to do a full fledged study in bed. It also allows me to write all of my teaching notes for Sunday on it. I've used it every Sunday since I got it and it's what I teach directly from.

Another thing is the Netflix app that plays flawlessly. I often wind down at night in bed while watching a television show or listening to a podcast (with proper earbuds of course) from a Bible teacher to which I subsequently fall asleep.

Of course, it also allows me to read my books in bed. Currently I'm reading Frankenstein and the NKJV Thompson Chain Reference Bible...which I'm always reading (check out what I'm reading with the Goodreads section to the right). As a writer, it's important to always be reading. In the past, I had to be concerned about my wife telling me to turn off the light. Now, I don't need a light to be on because I always have it with the Kindle Fire which has a very bright backlight that I actually had to decrease. It doesn't disturb my wife so much any more. Of course, when I do this, I always fall asleep. 

Another convenient thing as a writer is it will allow me to test it by formatting some of my written material and seeing how it will actually look live on the Kindle. This is going to help tremendously when I begin releasing my books.

I know it's only been less than a month but I've been waking up about five out of seven days with my Kindle Fire in my face right next to me. It has increased my productivity in ministry and is a my secondary piece when I want some time away from my computer in the basement. I know they say three's a crowd but my Kindle Fire is small enough to where I don't think it's going to count. Of course, the litmus test is to see if my wife says the same thing.

Say a prayer for me.


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