Monday, August 08, 2011 The Un-Christian Christian Forum

I've been thinking long about whether to write this post and needed to make sure that it was going to be a post that didn't end up being the opposite of what I wanted it to be. Some time has passed and I feel compelled to write this and let the chips fall where they may.

I recently was a member of the Christian forum. At first, I thought it would be the place for me because...well...I love the Lord. Seems reasonable to seek out others that were supposedly like minded and writers. Writing is a lonely endeavor and we need that kind of support.

I posted on there for a while but it began to occur to me that something was amiss. Some of the moderators were acting in ways that were not only questionable but simply wrong. Quite frankly, sinful.

I also noticed that no one could be challenged on the forum if they had bad doctrine or theology and wanted to use that to justify it in their writing. I personally was being accused of doing things I hadn't done. Moderators were sticking their noses into conversations that had nothing to do with them and began wrongly interpreting what was beings said putting words in mine and others' mouths.

It wasn't all bad. I actually made some good connections with people in the short time I was there and I still am in contact with them. But because of these actions, I announced that I was no longer going to post on the forums. I did that not to bring attention to myself, but to let people know that there were elements on that forum that were not attracting Christians but driving them away. However, I did say I was going to pop in every once in a while to the separate social groups I was a part of to check in on those people I had  relationships.

It was a week after that post that I decided to check in and found that I no longer had an account. I wrote to find out if I was banned and for what reason. Still waiting for an answer on that.

Apparently I wasn't the only one. The moderators went on a rampage I suppose. I don't know the details but it was apparent that they didn't like me and my direct approach with a stance on strong doctrine. They also didn't like the "tone" of my posts.

Now, in all my years on the Internet, I have never been banned from a forum or treated in that manner to where I can't even get an explanation. In short, this was the rudest, most unloving, immature forum I've ever been on. Hands down.

That all being said, I don't have any hard feelings. But I can't, in good conscious, recommend any Christian writer to join that forum, especially if you disagree with the moderators or have strong opinions. I will continue to strongly dissuade people from joining the forum if asked. Apparently, the same grace by which Christians are saved is not extended there and we don't need that. They're part of the problem, not the solution for Christian writers. It's sad really but no surprise in the day and age we live.

What I'm hoping is that someone will contact me from the site and there can be some kind of reconciliation as brothers and sisters in the Lord. However, I'm not going to hold my breath. That's grievous and sad but the reality.


Erica Silverlight said...

Thank you for your fluent honesty about this topic. I have also experienced this phenomenon in a Christian forum--same thing: moderators were biased, those who spoke up for their beliefs were treated unkindly, and all in all I felt unwelcome and left.

God bless you.

P.R.E.Z. said...

Thanks for your response.

It is a shame that this kind of thing happens. I'm still talking with those of us that were...dismissed. I don't hold any hard feelings and have to chuckle athow everything transpired. But one thing I know. You reap what you sow.

My hope is that eventually it can be resolved though I'm not optimistic. In the meantime, I will continue do what I do here. Write and encourage other Christians who are writers.

I'll do the same thing I've always done with others that have views that are unbinlical or in error; challenge and correct them in love and truth. It's not to say I know everything. Far from it. But I know what I know when it comes to the scriptures. Nothing is going to dissuade me from disseminating the Truth, least of all a forum of a whole bunch of moderators that I know little to nothing about.

Itch2Write said...

Wow, that is so sad. I had no idea that, that was going on at that forum. I happened on your blog while I was doing a search for Christian writing forums. It's something I do quite often since I'm the owner/operator of a Christian writing forum at Have you tried any other Christian writing forums? If not, it would be our pleasure to welcome you to ours. By the way, you won't have to worry about being chased off for giving loving and honest opinions there.

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