Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Search for a Book Cover Designer - Part I

I recently finished the first draft of my book, Stop Bringing Them to Church. I was elated over the fact that I actually finished it. Grant it, we still have a long way to go but a milestone has been reached with its completion.

Now that I'm in the editing phase, I'm in the market for a book cover designer. One of the things that I tend to see more of in the self-publishing arena is a plethora of bad book covers which is a no, no. Anyone that reads books knows that the cover can make or break a book. Granted, a good cover won't make bad writing good, but it will draw people in to take a closer look at your book. A bad cover will guarantee you won't get the time of day from a prospective reader.

Since my offering is non-fiction, it may have saved me a bit of money to do it myself. But because of its importance, I'd rather pay to have it done because the learning curve for me would just take away too much time from my writing and other endeavors.

Some of the bids and samples I've gotten so far have been...uh...blah. This is from people that do it exclusively. I don't care about years of experience. I care about what the final product is going to look like. If the final product looks like "Ugh!" then it means nothing if you've been doing it for 20 years. You're a 20 year designer that puts out "Ugh!"

All is not lost. I do have at least one promising candidate who actually did a mock up from the details I provided in the listing (it's the graphic up top). This isn't the final one but he's definitely in the ball park. But the bidding is still going on.

As I get these in, I'll be posting them asking for my potential readers' input. We'll start with the one in this post. What do you think? Be happy to get your input.


MGalloway said...

Good it possible to share a bit about what the book is going to be about? Without giving away too many details, of course. "Major theme" type stuff.

I think the book covers that work best are the ones that are tightly integrated with the content. I've seen more than a few book covers that were nice, but compared to the content, they were just sort of "there" rather than connected.

I think the title is catchy and provocative.

P.R.E.Z. said...

Thanks for your comment friend even though it's coming a day late and a dollar short. Don't normally let things lapse this bad.

The basic premise of the book is how we, meaning the body of Christ, should stop inviting unbelievers to church gatherings and presents a biblical argument for that view.

As far as the book cover is concerned, I'm still looking for a competent designer. The book is done and is slated for release in the spring of 2012.

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