Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Twelve - Part 2

I want to take the time right now and talk about dreams or more specifically what I've learned about them.

I've learned that in order to make your dreams come true that you have to have a clear cut direction in where you want to go and what you want to accomplish. I start this off with prayer. The Lord Jesus knows better than I do what direction I need to go so I start there.

The next thing I've discovered is the dreaded word we flee from as soon as it begins to show it's ugly face. In order for dreams to become reality it takes d..d..dis..dis...DISCIPLINE. There...I said it!

As a writer and musician, it takes writing something or working on music every day. Last night, inspired by a young man on American Idol who sang Barry Manilow's Copa Cabanna like a seal on steroids, I decided the time would be better spent working on a new musical piece I've been working on. This is in addition to my nine to five which really isn't a nine to five but I won't go there.

Dreams are not the same as fairy tales. Fairy tales are myths. Dreams are desires of the heart. True dreams are attainable or are things that can or will actually happen. Fairy tales always stay fairy tales.

That being said, dreams need a plan. A plan is the bridge that connects dreams to reality.

And finally, the gas that pushes us across that bridge...persistance.

So in a nutshell, dreams are work.

Those are all nice thoughts but putting them into action is a whole other story. People talk a good game (me included) but it's never too late to pursue your dreams. As long as you're alive, then, God willing (which is the key), they can happen.

Why the speech on dreams? Because The Twelve is a dream of mine. To see this published and out on the market to as many people as possible. I'm excited about this project and just to see this little bit come to pass is a joy.

Today I'm posting the remaining four of the full eight sample pages. The page sequence on this is left, right, left, right. Click on the pages. Float your cursor over the bottom right hand corner and you'll get an icon that you can click on to get a full view. God bless and enjoy.


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