Thursday, December 22, 2005

Article Sample - Cross Movement

Yes. I would love to just write fiction for a living and be done with it. But in the real world of men, people have to eat and pay bills.

I have been published in several different publications. The question that may logically come up is "Where exactly have you been published? What have you written?" Both good questions.

The next few weeks will see the emergence of my personal writing portfolio. Today is an article I did on a very popular hip hop group called Cross Movement. This is right before their second CD emerged.

The editors of this magazine always called me by an old email handle I used to used called Digiprez even though I asked them several times to change it to P.R.E.Z. Small price to pay for being a freelance writer I suppose.

Feel free to click on the article. Float your cursor over the bottom right hand corner and you'll get an icon that you can click on to get a full view of the article in all its glory.


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