Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Justice Directive Preview - Part II

Yes, I realize that it's been a awhile but not to worry, there is definitely more material that will be posted on this blog because there is an awful lot of material that is being worked on.

If you read the preceding posts you'll know that one of the projects that I'm currently shopping is called The Justice Directive (for specific details on just what that story is about, read Justice Directive Preview - Part I). Me and my good friend Paul Tucker, currently galavanting about in Japan, finished this submission earlier this year. You've seen the first part so now I figured it was time to unveil the rest.

This second part takes you through pages five through nine.

I actually sent this out to two publishers, one being NBM Publishing, a major graphic novel publisher. I'll let you know how this went in my next post.

But for now, I welcome any comments you have about the preview in its entirety. Obviously the best way to read this is to start at the first preview and then read this one. Just remember that once you click on the images, you have to float the cursor over the bottom right hand corner of the image. A weird looking icon (I still don't know what that thing is. It looks like a hamburger or something) will appear. Click on it to enlarge the image.

Also, pages seven and eight are a two page spread. You have to read them across both pages in order to get the proper
sequence of events. Best way to do that is to open up both at the same time and put them side by side. Not a real hard thing to do actually.

The premise of this story really has me intrigued which is why I should probably go and work on the outline for this thing. Yes, I'm one of those writers that works better with some sort of outline so I know where the story is going ahead of time. In my mind, that just makes more sense.

O.K. Enough talk. I'm going to do a little work here.


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